911 Backlash Book
When Will It End?
The tragedy of 9/11 didn't stop when the Twin Towers fell, and the victims are still being created. Nicoletta Karam has written the definitive book on the forgotten victims of 9/11. Many journalists and news commentators deny the existence, length, and intensity of the wave of intolerance that began immediately after the terrorist attacks. This book is an attempt to document that this backlash did occur, and was much worse and much longer in duration than many Americans realize. For more than a decade, bigots have targeted Middle Easterners, Arab-Americans, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, South Asians, Africans, American blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Asian-Americans, bearded white men, and ethnic-looking European immigrants -- anyone who looked "different."

This book argues that the 9/11 backlash was fueled by 20th-century Islamophobia and Hinduphobia, coupled with local and federal authorities' long-standing unwillingness to acknowledge the reality of hate crimes or handle them with the gravity they deserved. These factors created a "perfect storm" of xenophobia that swept through the U.S. after the terrorist strikes and continued to affect diverse minority communities for more than ten years. Included is the latest detailed information on the Wisconsin Sikh Temple massacre of August 5, 2012. Anyone who believes in equal rights for all should read this book.